Despite my academic background, I always knew that the corporate world was not for me! Even in junior high school, I didn’t want to set foot in a company while all my friends dreamed of the contracting world to finally have a salary and be independent. I had never set foot in a company that I already knew I wouldn’t like! I saw my parents in their employee lives and I didn’t find it enjoyable or fulfilling.

I started by selling Dashiki when it was in fashion. I had opened a Facebook account, and I added people at random. That’s how I did my business, with peace of mind! Then, I continued by opening a cosmetics company, I sold natural products (oils, creams, soaps …) via an e-shop. It took me more than a year to prepare the project (business plan, sourcing, orders, supplier meetings…). My positioning was “natural at low prices” indeed, natural and organic products are quite expensive and I wanted to change that. 

I started by sharing before and after because at the time I had skin problems and I had marketed a product called “snail slime”. I shared my results, which were quite spectacular, in dedicated Facebook groups, I started to write articles on a blog, to work with influencers and to set up an adequate communication… and it went very fast! 

After one year, more than 13k fans on Facebook, orders from all over the world: Norway, Ukraine, UK, Australia, Canada among others… I can now share my experience and create a space to support other fellow entrepreneurs, both beginners and advanced traders.