My name is Martina Todds, and while I may be in my thirties, I’ve achieved a lot in that time. I’ve earned a doctorate, and have gone from working in companies to becoming a freelance business advisor. Why? Well, despite my academic background, I always knew that the corporate world was not for me! Even in junior high school, I didn’t want to set foot in a company while all my friends dreamed of the contracting world to finally have a salary and be independent. I had never set foot in a company that I already knew I wouldn’t like! I saw my parents in their employee lives and I didn’t find it enjoyable or fulfilling.

It took some time to fully realize this, however. Not for lack of trying, but simply due to the way of the world. I needed to have experience to prove to others that what I was capable of, and what I wanted to do, was possible. So, I worked in a corporate job for five years, and while I did learn a lot of great things during that time, what was hammered into me the most was that I did not want that to be my life. I had seen so much happen that was on the strange side, and while I won’t name any names, there were a good number of uncomfortable moments. When I was able to strike out on my own, I felt so much happier. Things were slow at first, but soon I got my brand out there and now things are great!

I wanted a way to share things I’ve learned along the way without worrying about obligations or the like. So, this site was made. Named after myself and my doctorate, this is where I will share topics that I have experience in, or in matters that interest me.