Packaging adds value to a product in lots of ways. It is protective of the product, describes the product, helps the product to last longer, and makes it more appealing to buy.

Just imagine looking at your favorite snacks packaged in poly bags. Would you be very pleased to make the purchase? Even though it might be your favorite treat, you would not want to buy it, primarily because of how it looks–it would appear to be unappealing and unhygienic. In contrast, if the same snack were to be sold in stand-up flexible pouch packaging with gusseted bottoms and enticing graphics on the front, you would have instantly bought it! Wouldn’t you? This is what packaging does–it attracts the customers to a product and offers a great first impression of the item so that people get tempted to buy them!

That said, this is just a peek at what packaging, in general, can do. We shall find out more about wholesale packaging and its use in the below sections.

  • What Makes a Box?

A box is defined as a container that is used to store or transport contents. These contents, in the case of a wholesaler, will be products intended for retailers. They can be food, cosmetics such as perfume, or electrical goods. Anything that someone can purchase from a retail situation will first be handled by the wholesaler. At every stage of distribution, when the products are handled via their packaging, will be a time when care is taken to ensure they reach the final consumer in perfect condition. It is the packaging that will ensure a product is more effectively protected during the handling process, and that no loss is incurred by anyone involved. Suitable and well-chosen packaging plays a big part in this being the case. Time does not allow for extreme care, just a reasonable amount of care to be taken, with regards to the moving about of products in their thousands.

Boxes can be manufactured from materials such as wood, metal, and non-durable. The latter can be corrugated paperboard or cardboard. Plastic containers will provide more waterproofing. Corrugated metal boxes will often be used for shipping containers.

Corrugated metal containers can be huge and used by industries such as construction, marine, aviation, medical, military & offshore logistics. Moreover, various items like machines, vehicles, business consignments, etc., can be transported within interstates or offshore with the help of these shipping containers. While using metal boxes on large routes, the shipping company may have to ensure a few things to keep the transported products safe and secure from wear and tear as well as damage due to weather conditions. For instance, with quality shipping container hardware like doors and door parts, weather damage can be completely avoided. However, the same couldn’t be said for cardboard or wooden boxing since the material can get weathered with time.

  • Wholesale Boxes

Boxes can be described as wholesale when they are sturdy packing boxes that are suitable for shipping purchases in bulk. They can cope with lots of items tightly fitting together so that there is not the freedom and space for them to move and damage each other in transit.

  • Branded Boxes

The packaging directly housing a product will be branded. That is, it will have the name of the product displayed. It is how consumers identify the product on a physical shelf or as an image on a virtual shelf on a website. In every case, it is important that the box does the product justice and bears some relationship to it. Custom Packaging providers are the ones who usually handle the manufacturing of branded boxes, based on the specifications of design provided by the client.

Vintage toys have added value because their boxes have been kept. A considerable amount of their investment value will be due to their original packaging remaining. This is a testament to how appealing the packaging has been that sold the product to children and parents in the first place. Display windows will increase the appeal factor so that the product can remain and stay inside its box if desired when it has ornamental value too. Not all toys are played with these days. Many are made with collectors in mind, who will want to purchase toys that remind them of childhood and be an investment. So, all these things are being thought about when a box is being designed.

  • What is a Corrugated Box?

Corrugated cartons will consist of a few layers rather than just single sheets of cardboard. It is customary for there to be three layers that will include an inside and outside liner, and a medium go-between that will be fluted. This all adds strength to the packaging.

  • Different Shapes of Containers

Containers will come in all shapes and sizes and with different methods of freeing the product from them. Electrical goods will come in boxes that protect them from shock. Cosmetics will come in containers that are easy to dispense the product and often come with another outside box with much of the branding and details of what you are getting displayed in textual form. Foodstuffs, particularly, will need to be in packaging that will keep them fresh. Many packaging designs will take into account that there should not be contamination of products. The elderly will want products that are easy to open, and this needs to be thought about with their types of products and any product that is used by different age groups.

  • Most Efficient Methods of Packaging

Palletizing is considered the most widespread and effective method of packaging. The principle is that the goods are placed in a pallet so that they are easy and quick to transport. It is a solution that saves on space as well as loading and unloading times, which are then optimized.

The handling of the goods becomes much easier. It is to be considered for any business dealing in bulk with products, which is what a wholesale situation would suggest. For especially fragile goods and extra safety in general, many businesses use pallet wrap as well. They also ensure protection from the weather.

So, the packaging is an area of consideration in itself, and an important one for wholesalers. It is important that the packaging is right so that everyone benefits, from the distributor to the consumer that buys the product in the retail environment in the end. The product must stay in the condition it began to remain appealing.