Retrieving medical records can be a hassle. However, there are ways to make the process faster and easier. This includes knowing about companies like America Retrieval and how they can be of help. For example, they can help with faster retrieval when it comes to vital medical information that needs to be known as soon as possible.

In this article, we will discuss some of the other ways.


One way to make retrieving medical records faster is to use an electronic health record (EHR) system. With an EHR system, medical records are stored electronically and can be easily accessed by authorized personnel. This can save a lot of time as opposed to retrieving records from a paper file.

One of the problems with paper files generally is that there will only be one source, whereas computer records can be accessed from different and remote locations. Also, a paper file can get lost. Even for a temporary period, this could create a health risk when the patient needs to receive the correct treatment, perhaps urgently or at least before their medical records in this form can be found. So, EHR software could be a great addition to the healthcare system.

Moreover, with the gaining popularity of telehealth services and patients opting to do prior consultations with a medical expert online, EHR software and other tools can be beneficial. In some advanced applications, such as one provided by Deepscribe (and a few other healthcare tech firms), doctors can even use features like medical speech to text and computerized language detection to automate the notes and medical documents on the patient. These apps can track the conversation between patient and doctor to detect voices and systematically record the data in notes format. This can be further integrated with EHR software for medical data recordkeeping.


Another way to make retrieving medical records faster is to utilize online resources. Many medical institutions offer online portals where patients can view their records, request refills on prescriptions, and update health information.

If you have opted for virtual healthcare services such as remote patient monitoring, 24/7 online assistance, and a care hub, you can access the medical data stored online on your healthcare provider’s website or application. By accessing your medical records online, you can avoid having to contact a healthcare provider or medical institution directly and wait for them to send the records to you. The only thing you need to make sure is that your internet is strong enough. You would need to have a really good download vs upload speed ratio in order to constantly add and retrieve medical records.

A computer source can be a central source and so accessible by all those with permission. It can therefore be possible for doctors, nurses, and medical receptionists to have either full or partial access.

Proactive Approach and Requesting Medical Records in Advance

It is important to be proactive in retrieving your medical records.

Where an appointment is booked to see a doctor, there is no reason why the medical records cannot be gathered well in advance.

If a patient needs access to, or a copy made of part of their medical records for a specific purpose, such as applying for a new job or insurance, there is no reason why they cannot be requested well in advance. This will give the healthcare provider or medical institution time to gather the records and send what is required.

Patient Help

When it comes to retrieving medical records, patients can often be their own best advocates. By advising doctors of their medical history as early as possible, patients can help to expedite the process and ensure that they receive the care they need. This is often why many medical practices use a medical answering service when receiving calls from patients. Gaining as much medical information from the patient themselves before they come to the practice will help to speed up their appointment, resulting in a better service.

By a patient keeping a list of their medication to hand or always carrying it on them, they can inform a doctor straight away of this aspect of their ongoing medical history. Medications already being taken are a clue to medical conditions and their severity.

Other Ways of Obtaining Medical Records Faster

There are a few other ways to make retrieving medical records faster. These include:

  • Making use of patient portals
  • Keeping track of medical appointments and tests
  • Working with a healthcare advocate

It is useful to know the different ways that medical records can be accessed to consider the fastest method. The faster the better, depending on the medical condition that the clinician is faced with. Time is often of the essence where medical matters are concerned, so it is good that technology is addressing the situation to make life easier and more comfortable for professionals and those they are caring for.

By following these tips, you can make retrieving your medical records a faster and easier process. Whether you need them for personal or professional reasons, these tips can help ensure that you get the records you need promptly. Also, do not forget that there are companies online that can also make the process of retrieving vital medical records a faster and more efficient one.