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Foot Odor

Do I Have It?

What Is It?

Foot odor is a type of body odor caused by the build up of naturally occurring bacteria on the skin of the feet.

What Causes It?

Foot odor is generally caused by sweat, which provides the right moisture-rich environment for odor-causing bacteria to grow rapidly.

Signs & Symptoms

Unpleasant foot smell

Itching, redness or burning may also occur in the case of athlete's foot.

What Do I Do?

  • Wear cotton socks or socks that wick moisture away from the skin
  • Change into clean socks often
  • Change shoes to allow them to dry out
  • Use foot powder 
  • Keep feet clean and dry

Prevention Tips

  • Keep feet clean and dry
  • Use foot powder regularly
  • Wear cotton socks and change them frequently