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Ball-of-Foot Pain

When foot pain occurs under the ball of the foot, the medical term is metatarsalgia. Also, calluses may develop under the foot causing ball-of-foot pain. This can be due to constricting foot wear, improper fitting shoes or high heel shoes. If you have pain under the ball of your foot, try wearing shoes that have a wider toe box. For those that do wear high heel shoes, there are insoles and orthotics designed to fit in these shoes to alleviate ball-of-foot pain and cushion the foot. Along with insoles and orthotics, there are other foot care products to treat ball of foot pain. These include metatarsal pads, ball-of-foot pads, gel pads and supports, pain relieving gels and foot soaks. Non-medicated callus pads will also help alleviate the pain from calluses on the ball-of-the foot. If some simple steps do not alleviate your symptoms, you should see your doctor to ensure you are receiving adequate treatment.


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